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Pransh Law Office possesses very vast experience of rendering legal services for the development of construction and infrastructure projects in a variety of sectors including highways, bridges, railways, transport terminals, ropeways, ports, civil aviation, power generation & transmission, health, education, skills development, bio technology, sports, urban infrastructure, etc. 


Contract Management Practice

  • Overall care and conduct of the entire project correspondence, documentation etc., initiated from the receipt of Letter of Award till the end of the Defects Liability Period or Concession Period, as the case may be with the end objective of ensuring that the legal and financial rights of the client in respect a particular project are well protected.
  • Scope of work typically covers rendering opinions, drafting and vetting of documents concerning the project.
  • Scope of work typically covers client meetings in the Law Firm’s offices, but the fee for any meetings outside the Law Firm’s offices, appearance before Courts, Dispute Review Boards, Arbitral Tribunals etc. is charged separately.


Pre-Bid Submission Legal Diligence Practice

  • Overall examination/ perusal/ review of Bid/ Tender vis-à-vis the qualification criteria specified by the Bid/ Tender inviting Authority in the Bid/ Tender document.
  • As a part of the legal due diligence exercise, the client would be advised to make corrections, amendments etc. and/ or to include additional documents/ certificates etc., duly authenticated so as to meet the qualification/ pre-qualification criteria specified by the Bid/ Tender inviting Authority
  • The end objective would be to ensure that the client meets the qualification/ pre-qualification criteria, the Bid/ Tender Inviting Authority finds it easy to evaluate the Bid and that the client/ bidder gets technically qualified.
  • As a part of this due diligence service package, we also provide assistance in drafting, preparing/ vetting of any replies and/ or any clarifications which may be required to be submitted to the Bid/ Tender inviting Authority prior to taking decision regarding qualification of the bidders.

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